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Seals:   hydraulic, gaskets, metrico-rings, &  oil sealing,  all manufactured by "Absolute Seal" - a name you can trust.

Absolute Seal is brought to you by Jerry Whitlock or as the customers have named him: "The Seal Man."  For more than 26 years the customers of Jerry Whitlock have recognized him as one of the most knowledgeable specialists in his field in the entire world.

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Jerry's specialties include solutions for high pressure and high temperature sealing applications; large diameter seals and packings;  oil sealing and any joint gasketing problem solving; rotating and reciprocating equipment sealing applications specialist.

In Jerry's own words, "There is no international standard or special seal that we cannot provide -- NONE!  I guarantee you, if I cannot supply you with what  you need, it probably does not exist ."

Jerry Whitlock:

- acts as a consultant to international seal and gasket firms.

- is available to companies outside the U.S. who need assistance doing seal and gasket or industrial business in the U.S.

- has Market studies available for the U.S. seal and gasket market.

- is a specialist in Internet marketing.

- has traveled extensively

    - was featured in:

    Wall Street Journal
    Business Week Magazine
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper
    Business@Home Magazine
    Thomas Register TRENDLINES Magazine
    Henry County ( GA ) Neighbor Magazine
    Interviewed on CNN
Jerry Whitlock is a  name you can trust.  For more information on our  Products, just click on the links below:
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